Notes on Membership

Our member companies can be found here. Names of consultants can be made available upon request.

Membership of EPNG is principally intended for companies which hold petroleum licences and are based and /or have oil and gas operations in Europe.

As a rule, membership does not extend to individuals, banks, gas marketing or similar companies, though we do include consulting partnerships or companies directly supporting the industry, provided that their clientele consists substantially of member companies.

These memberships are corporate and not individual.

We also have a small number of individual members who are consultants to the industy and/or may have represented member companies within EPNG in a prior role.

The Group maintains contact with the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators based in Houston.  Members of AIPN who are passing through London are welcome to attend our meetings provided we have space.

Applications for membership should be directed to the Secretary for review and decision by the  Steering Committee.  Applications should include appropriate evidence that the prospective member meets the above criteria and/or other demonstration that they will be a valuable addition to EPNG.  Support from existing members is helpful.