How We Work
  How We Work

All members are expected to host of contribute to a lunch periodically.  Smaller companies may wish to club together for a joint hosting.  Offers to host should be sent to the Secretary.

The host decides the venue and date of event and the number of spaces available.  The host is of course very welcome to use the meeting to update members about its strategy, activities and objectives.

The Steering Committee: organises the forward programme; decides all questions of membership; keeps an overview on attendance patterns; and sets guidelines to achieve a broad representation from members and for allocation of spaces when events are over-subscribed.

The membership list is maintained by the Secretary.  It may include one of more contact names for each company.   These 'co-ordinators' are expected to circulate details of the meetings within their own organisation and allocate places if required.

Notice of an event is normally sent to the co-ordinator 4-6 weeks ahead of time.  This requests members to indicate their interest in attending the event, which allows the Secretary, working with the host, to allocate spaces when demand exceeds available spaces.  The Secretary will advise representatives whether they have secured a place.

Representatives with confirmed spaces should advise the Secretary with as much notice as possible if they are unable to attend a meeting; this may allow the space to be reallocated to someone on the waiting list.

Members considered not to be paying their way, or otherwise abusing their responsibilities may be asked to consider their position.

Occasionally it can happen that the event is oversubscribed. Should it become clear that there is a significant chance that this will happen, a waiting list will be set up. No one is guaranteed of a place upfront. We do not work on a first come first served basis. People are placed on the waiting list based on a variety of criteria, which include: have you not showed up and not de-registered in the past, has your company recently sponsored, have you been excluded in the recent past because we were over subscribed etc. We try to be as fair and equitable on this as we can. However the process is not open for debate and you are kindly requested not to approach the secretary and ask for a justification. We may select the second participant of a company to be placed on the waiting list, or both, as well as consultants. Eventully everybody can be selected, and once you have missed an event due to being wait-listed, you chances of being accepted in the future greatly increase.
Note that most of the time, most, if not all wait-listed people are admitted as people cancel or the number of participants -in consultation with the host- is increased.



Applications for Membership  


Companies active in the upstream oil and gas sector in Europe can apply for membership.

The Steering Committee decides on each application.

To determine if a company is eligible to become a member, we look at geographic presence: you have to have activities or a (head) office in Europe. So having assets in Europe would meet this criterion, but also an office in London and assets in e.g. Africa could mean your company would qualify.

Secondly we look at substance. This could be demonstrated by having production or proven reserves. A pure exploration company could also qualify, subject to the third criterion, which is materiality. We are looking at companies with a market cap (or equivalent) in excess of ca. $5-10 mln.

If you would like to become a member, please approach our secretary at